Notes 38

by the pale moonlight © Juan B. Rodriguez

Omnivore is the free, open source, read-it-later app for serious readers

”… an alternative to readwise … "

"… Save articles, newsletters, and documents and read them later — focused and distraction free. Add notes and highlights … “

Web Components Eliminate JavaScript Framework Lock-in

”… There’s also been discussion — including this post by yours truly — about fully replacing JavaScript frameworks with web components. …"

"… web components can dramatically loosen the coupling of JavaScript frameworks. …”

Creating a macOS MenuBar app with React Native

”… In this article we will discuss three different ways of creating menubar only app either with NSMenu, NSPopover or plain NSWindow. …”

CSS Hooks

”… Inline styles doing what we thought they couldn’t. …”

🚀⚡New open-source⚡ VS. old open-source 🦖

”… I provide alternatives to mainstream Python libraries. These alternatives add some value to the Python landscape …”


”… An idea-to-video platform that brings your creativity to motion …”

Introducing llamafile

”… This makes it dramatically easier to distribute and run LLMs. It also means that as models and their weights formats continue to evolve over time, llamafile gives you a way to ensure that a given set of weights will remain usable and perform consistently and reproducibly, forever …“

Reddit Sans

”… Reddit Sans font …”

Firefox on the brink?

”… A somewhat obscure guideline for developers of U.S. government websites may be about to accelerate the long, sad decline of Mozilla’s Firefox browser …“

not a good moment for firefox 😐

Self-Operating Computer Framework

”… Using the same inputs and outputs of a human operator, the model views the screen and decides on a series of mouse and keyboard actions to reach an objective. …”

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