Notes 202410

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Scratch Data

the schema and logic to create a double booking accounting system

Introduction - OpenIPC - “… With OpenIPC on your camera you are the master of your streams. You have full access to the system and can control what, where, and how you want your camera to behave …”

Instant Search Params with React Server Components - “… React’s new experimental useOptimistic hook is an elegant solution to this problem …”

Large language models can do jaw-dropping things. But nobody knows exactly why. | MIT Technology Review

this is becoming critical pretty fast, from a non data scientists point of view, learning how llm works is quite intriguing

”… And that’s a problem. Figuring it out is one of the biggest scientific puzzles of our time and a crucial step towards controlling more powerful future models …”

Embedding Lua in Go · otm

you can call go from lua

How I keep myself Alive using Golang -

nice article about using technology to monitor personal vital information

Improving Shopify App’s Performance (2024) - ”… we embarked on a dedicated journey to improve the app’s performance by the end of the year. We’re happy to report that we have met our goals and learned a ton along the way …”

The Pile - “… The Pile is a 825 GiB diverse, open source language modelling data set that consists of 22 smaller, high-quality datasets combined together. …”

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