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doors to nowhere © Juan B. Rodriguez

aegir-assembly/omni-clip: Open source video editing web application

If you are tired of paying to use all the features of existing video editing applications then you might have found a gem! Turns out omniclip is fully free and on top of that its open source

glanceapp/glance: A self-hosted dashboard that puts all your feeds in one place

What if you could see everything at a…

Data Fetching Patterns in Single-Page Applications

When a single-page application needs to fetch data from a remote source, it needs to do so while remaining responsive and providing feedback to the user …

How should you adopt LLMs? | Irrational Exuberance

Whether you’re a product engineer, a product manager, or an engineering executive, you’ve probably been pushed to consider using

Athena Crisis is now Open Source | Christoph Nakazawa

Today we’re open-sourcing the code of Athena Crisis under the MIT License

Exploring Hacker News by mapping and analyzing 40 million posts and comments for fun | Wilson Lin

The above is a map of all Hacker News posts since …

How Engineering Management is Changing in 2024 🎽

Big tech made the headlines about this multiple times, from the Twitter + Elon stories, to Meta asking managers to go back to ICs …

UTM | Virtual machines for Mac

Securely run operating systems on your Mac

React Native with xState v5 - DEV Community

In our team we recently released a React Native application that heavily relies on xState. As xState v5 is advancing

Build your own NAS Cloud Drive using a Raspberry Pi 4 and a 3D Printer

Why pay for iCloud when you’ve got your own personal iCloud at home?!

Amazing Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius

The idea of an underwater waterfall is a bit mind bending

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