Notes 202419

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Passkeys: A Shattered Dream

At the time there was a lot of optimism that this technology could be the end of passwords. You had three major use cases …

Input: Fonts for Code

nput is a flexible system of fonts designed specifically for code by David Jonathan Ross

Serving LLMs on an RTX4090 with Sequoia

We introduce Sequoia, a scalable, robust and hardware-aware speculative decoding framework that enables serving LLMs (70B, 33B…) with a reasonable latency on consumer GPUs …

EdgeDB | The next-gen database

We wanted a database with hierarchical queries, advanced data modeling, and great DX. There were none, so we built EdgeDB, based on PostgreSQL, 100% open source.

The guide to kubectl I never had. - DEV Community

kubectl is the CLI tool used to communicate to the Kubernetes API it can seem simple at first but can quickly get complicated.

Why Patching Globals Is Harmful -

the matter of patching globals turned out to be one of those topics that a lot of engineers seem to misunderstand …

Rust modules in React Native | Oscar Franco

This is a tutorial on how I integrate Rust modules, but in the video form I go over the concepts that actually make this work …

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