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stars on the ground © Juan B. Rodriguez

Reading visual art: 135 Flags B flags

From their military and maritime origins, flags steadily became symbols of nationhood.

these are awesome drawings of flags

A Beginner’s Guide To iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV Emulators

we’ve received a steady stream of incredible apps heading to our Apple devices, allowing us to play retro and homebrew games both on the go and on our TV


A terminal workspace with batteries included (tmux alternative)

Editor - SocialScreenshots

all processing takes place in the local machine

Yerba mate

South America’s Indigenous tea, from Paraguay to Syria

How to Run a Local LLM with Ubuntu

If you want to run your own large language model like ChatGPT, you’re in luck

Difftastic, a structural diff

Difftastic is a CLI diff tool that compares files based on their syntax, not line-by-line

Sneaky React Memory Leaks

How useCallback and closures can bite you | Kevin Schiener


A lightweight screen recorder based on ScreenCapture Kit for macOS

Why, after 6 years, I’m over GraphQL

However, as the years have gone on and I have had the opportunity to deploy to environments where non functional requirements like security, …

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