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well, i need to add a couple of comments after my last post

i deliberately chose to create the zfs dataset with a passphrase encryption method. as per solaris docs, this means it can’t mount it at boot time. the best practice would be a boot time prompt (a la TrueCrypt in windows), but until that time comes, i will live with loading after booting, using the following:

$ sudo zfs mount -a
$ sudo zfs set share tank/backup

here seems to be a better way by doing zfs set key -l, but docs are scarce

you can check whether the folder is nfs exported by doing:

$ showmount -e

if you were to run crashplan on the zfs box, i would have to think that since the folder is empty upon boot, crashplan would detect it as deleted files. i need to investigate a bit further

on the mac side, the disk utility method to mount the nfs export is not working correctly … i resorted to

$ mount_nfs zfsbox:/export/Backup /local_mountpoint

this shows the mountpoint from the finder correctly check some discussion about it here

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2012-05-07 23:23

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