so, it’s been quite a while now since my last update with regards to my hackintosh, old trusted blackbeard.

i have to tell you … it’s killing me the fact that sleep isnt working … whenever i shutdown and come online again, i have to rearrange most of the windows in their corresponding workspace (i have 6 workspaces).

but that’s literally NOTHING compared to the fact that the whole system freezes, due to some god forsaken nvidia drivers for my gtx 660ti … no incantation i tried made any difference … and there are plenty of reports about this even on the official apple support forums (with regards to macbook pros and such).

On March 14, 2013, Apple released 10.8.3 … i’m expecting a lot from this update (since beta testers/developers were asked to specifically look for graphics upgrades).

i hope my freeze problems are a thing of the past.

i’m also trying to help a little with regards to the sleeping issue, by upgrading my system definition to macpro 5,1 … supposedly 5,1 handles sleeping better than 3,1.

on the other hand, i was reading in zite today that 10.8.3 fixed some sleeping issues in macbook pro retinas !!! wtff !!!! (what the flying f… !!!)

so i have to assume the following scenarios will eventually take place:

  • upgrading to 10.8.3 fixes the nvidia driver issues. all is good
  • upgrading to 10.8.3 doesn’t fix sheet, so i’m back to square one
  • driver fixed, i have to fix sleep issues … there are several alternatives to look into for the sleeping issue: applehpa.kext … kill it !

all things considered, blackbeard is so awesome !

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