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NewsGPT(Neotice): Summarize news articles with LlamaIndex — Hackathon winning app

summarize news |

Why I’m Using Next.js

reply to kent dodds article |

Headless Component: a pattern for composing React UIs

decoupling logic from presentation makes code very elegant, on top of all other benefits |

The complete guide to WebSockets with React

nice writeup about websockets in react |

Consistency of Characters, Objects, and Styles with Generative AI

generative ai is not consistent yet, here are some tricks and tools you can use to achieve it today |

React Native — Ultimate Guide on New Architecture in depth

great article about react native architecture |

Generative AI for Everyone

Learn how generative AI works, and how to use it in your life and at work |

Build a User Management App with Expo React Native

how to build a basic user management app |


a private and ingest-ready gpt3 alternative |

Let’s get creative

nice tools |

the everything app

a local notion |

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