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biking by the pale moonlight © Juan B. Rodriguez

Component, colocation, composition: A note on the state of React

Solid, the poster child for Signals, mostly bypasses the two-tree problem by treating UI output as a by-product. The truth lives in the Signals (state/data) graph …


Ambient Sounds for Focus and Calm

Pagefind Search in Astro: A Setup Guide

Pagefind’s take on search is quite simple - index your site at build time and host it alongside your static site

Local, first, forever @

If it doesn’t go to the internet at all, it’s just local software

15 Pieces of Advice That Will Make You a Better Leader

Leadership is a hard job, but it’s not a complicated one. At its core, it’s about communication …

Editing Like Magic With Vim Operators | Barbarian Meets Coding

Motions aren’t just for moving. They can be used in combination with a series of commands called operators to edit your code at the speed of lightning.

Introduction | rn-primitives

Unstyled universal components with a focus on accessibility. They offer a unified API across iOS, Android, and web platforms

No sleep until we build the ideal pub/sub library in Go

In which we iterate over different approaches to writing a simple, pubsub library

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