Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future (2014)

zero to one

The premise of the book is that creating something new, unique is like going from 0 to 1: a breakthrough that happens once, it didn’t exist before and now it’s there.

This is somewhat similar to the black swan event in the Nassim Taleb’s book.

I think the concept of monopoly vs competition is very interesting and makes a lot of sense.

The book points you to search for the next great idea in things that are not being looked at, go off the beaten path.

It also walks you through how to grow and scale a business, in order to create something significant.


Consider a statement from Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s testimony at a 2011 congressional hearing:

We face an extremely competitive landscape in which consumers have a multitude of options to access information.

Or, translated from PR-speak to plain English:

Google is a small fish in a big pond. We could be swallowed whole at any time. We are not the monopoly that the government is looking for.

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