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the palm and the sunrise © Juan B. Rodriguez

How to plan as an engineering executive.

" … planning is actually an infinite, ongoing game with dynamic rules.", yes i can agree with that | lethain.com

The sound of the dialup, pictured

that modem handshake sound is legendary | windytan.com via kotkke.org

cr-sqlite - Convergent, Replicated, SQLite

this looks great | github.com/vlcn-io


free publishing | wowchemy.com

Auto-GPT: An Autonomous GPT-4 Experiment

chatgpt on auto pilot | github.com/Torantulino

The Smithsonian Puts 4.5 Million High-Res Images Online and Into the Public Domain, Making Them Free to Use

nice pool of images | openculture.com

Make Something Wonderful

some content from steve jobs | pxlnv.com

Optimizing Web Fonts in Next.js 13

just the animations in this article took a non-trivial amount of time | lydiahallie.io

Free Dolly

introducing the world’s first truly open instruction-tuned llm | databricks.com

Passkeys: What the Heck and Why?

this should become commonplace soon | css-tricks.com

The AI search engine for developers

will try it instead of chatgpt | phind.com


TurboPilot is a self-hosted copilot clone | github.com

Communicative Agents for “Mind” Exploration of Large Scale Language Model Society

ai agents | camel-ai.org

Could AI ever truly “understand”?

opinion about ai “feelings” | santafe.edu

Replacing my best friends with an LLM trained on 500,000 group chat messages

how to train an llm | izzy.co

Enter Godmode

run autogpt on the browser | godmode.space

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