Notes #12

tree house © Juan B. Rodriguez

3D yourself into an nba game

this is starting to look cool |

Your new, lightweight, JavaScript framework

found a similar framework last week (htmx), will look more into it |

The 25 Percent Rule for Tackling Technical Debt

suggestions about how the manage technical debt |

Say hello to Weather Machine

with the demise of darksky, alternative weather api services have sprung up, this one looks promising |

Generative AI is coming for the lawyers

disruption in the law space, not really surprising |

The Limits of Computational Photography

turns out the moon photo from a samsung s23 ultra, combines optical + digital + ai trained on a specific subject 😮 |

Could Gravity Batteries Win The Energy Storage War?

hadn’t heard about it, an alternative to lithium-ion batteries to store energy |

useSignal() is the Future of Web Frameworks

the concept of signals compared to the useState in react. there’s also an interesting discussion on twitter |

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