Notes #11

closing in © Juan B. Rodriguez

SF’s Market Street Subway Runs on Reagan-Era Floppy Disks

😮 i wonder if these floppies are even being manufactured anymore, and if so, how much they cost |

The Great Rewriting In Rust

the raise of rust as a systems programming language, has already made inroads into the linux kernel and other projects. also notably

Rewriting software is a widely derided activity: Joel Spolsky, Steve Blank, and Peter Seibel all explained its foolishness. It remains, however, a very popular sport in our industry.


Is htmx the way to Go?

not sure what to think about this one, when react first came up everyone hated it, and now it’s everywhere. not sure if this can handle complex apps though |

Inside the amazingly mechanical Bendix Central Air Data Computer

it’s amazing how high tech worked pre-computers, very interesting read |

sometimes you just need to refresh your logo, not go with a full rebrand |

Nostr will only scale if it can incentivize users to run relays

an alternative to twitter and mastodon |

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