Notes #8

guarding the door to the sea © Juan B. Rodriguez

RN tip: remove your console.log statement in production

it didn’t sunk in that third party libraries could be logging stuff in production, so this is a good tip even if you don’t have any console.log in your code

resume template

given the layoffs in the industry, some known engineers are offering help in terms of resume templates, this is a sensible one

frameworks and react

if you use react, you should be using a react framework (nextjs, remix or expo)

run tensorflow on apple silicon gpu

optimize running tensor flow if you have an apple silicon mac


self organizing workspace, wondering if this uses chatgtp under the hood

The Enshittification Lifecycle of Online Platforms

it gives a take on how platforms evolve and eventually die

Argo: millions of downloads

awesome to see argo hitting it big ! congrats to the team (disclaimer: i had a part in building that app)

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