The Subtle Art of not giving a Fxck, Mark Manson (2016)

the subtle art of not giving a fxck

I think the biggest premise of this book is that our mortality is inevitable, so we should consider which values are really important to us and focus on those.

Good values are reality-based, socially constructive and immediate and controllable

On the other hand, bad values are superstitious, socially destructive and not immediate or uncontrollable.

Some examples of values that are not worth it: pleasure, material success, always being right, staying positive.

Some examples of good values: honesty, standing up for oneself, curiosity, humility

Not giving a fxck is not about being indifferent, it’s about being selective about what you care about.

Some of the quotes that I liked the most:

  • “there is little that is unique or special about your problems”
  • “taking responsibility for everything that occurs in your life, regardless of who’s at fault.”

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