Notes 41

before the fire © Juan B. Rodriguez

Margin considered harmful

”… We should ban margin from our components. … "

"… Margin breaks component encapsulation. A well-built component should not affect anything outside itself. …”

How to prepare your Mac for disposal, and what about AppleSetupDone?

”… This article explains what you should do, and what you should avoid. …”

The Big Cloud Exit FAQ

”… and the fact that we were going to build our own tooling rather than pay for overpriced enterprise service contracts. The mission was set! …”

MLX Community

”… A community org for model weights compatible with mlx-examples powered by MLX. …”

Web Design History Timeline

”… Explore the timeline of milestones in the history of web design from 1990 to the present. …”

You Can Run a Generative AI Locally on Your Computer

”… you can also install them locally on your own computer. There are some real benefits to doing so: It’s more private, of course, and you won’t get hit by any warnings about the AI being over capacity …”

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