Notes 40

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An open-source, cross-platform terminal for seamless workflows

”… Render anything inline. Save sessions and history. Powered by open web standards. …”

Meet Ava: Your Personal Language Server

”… The power of advanced language models, right on your desktop. …”

Can AI Catch What Doctors Miss? | Eric Topol | TED

”… AI could propel the biggest transformation in the history of medicine, says physician-scientist Eric Topol. He explains how sophisticated AI models can interpret medical images as well or better than human experts can …”

LM Studio

”… Discover, download, and run local LLMs …”

How Plane, an open-source alternative to Jira, got to the #1 in project management on GitHub in less than a year

”… we crossed 14K stars and stood at #1 on the list of open source project management tools on GitHub …”

Bash One-Liners for LLMs

”… improving upon the llama.cpp codebase (on which llamafile is built) is by making it more shell-scriptable and writing man pages. The only thing better than having an LLM in one piece, is being able to program it on one line. This blog post describes my latest tricks. …“

”… It is a fork of that uses, a CGo-free SQLite package. It aims to be a mostly drop-in replacement for … This package deliberately does not provide a database/sql driver …”

The anatomy of shadcn/ui

”… Instead of being distributed as a npm package, the shadcn/ui components are delivered through a CLI that puts the source code of the components into your project itself …”

Oxlint General Availability

”… Oxlint is a JavaScript linter designed to catch erroneous or useless code without requiring any configurations by default …”

🤖 First Impressions of Apple MLX

”… if you have an Apple silicon m1, m2, or m3 machine. It’s a great way to get a glimpse of what the future holds for Apple and its competitors in the AI era …”

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