Notes 37

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”… continuously updated list of parts that are best suited to your specific budget and use case provided by the community.”

The Inter typeface family

”… Inter is one of the world’s most used typefaces with applications ranging from computer interfaces, advertising & airports, to NASA instrumentation & medical equipment. …”

Crafting a lightweight markdown editor

” … Today we are going to build a markdown editor using Wails, React and Tailwind … “

The Truth About HTMX - t3․gg

” … htmx is about extending the backend to provide a good enough ui …”

A Positive Hacker News RSS Feed

” … I don’t want to give up on the amazing content I’m discovering every day on this platform, so I built an alternative RSS feed for HackerNews. It selectively presents stories that have a positive sentiment … “

Install Stable Video on Your Laptop with 1 Click.

” … Generate video on your LOCAL machine with Stable Video and run it for free, unlimited, with one click. …”

”… So, instead we went with a pattern that I’ve experimented with a few times: Navigators. The core structure of Navigators are along these lines: …”

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