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The whole earth index

seeing the quote and image steve jobs referenced in his stanford commencement speech, was awesome ! (it’s the last page of the October 1974 issue) | wholeearth.info

Mojo🔥 - It’s finally here!

the end of python is near 😂 | modular.com

Empowering Non-Engineers: Simplifying Complex Business Rules with Modern Technologies

nice architecture for a rules engine | blog.pilaspues.com

Apple Home Screen Widgets with Expo CNG

using expo to create widgets for ios | evanbacon.dev

Internet Artifacts

cool stuff from the early internet | neal.fun

Why I Won’t Use Next.js

nice article about the downsides of next.js vs remix | epicweb.dev

SPQA: The AI-based Architecture That’ll Replace Most Existing Software

interesting take on the future of software | danielmiessler.com

Quality-Diversity through AI Feedback

this is an llm that helps assisted writing | qdaif.github.io

Mozilla AI Guide

a nice guide to ai | mozilla.org

Generate images in one second on your Mac using a latent consistency model

a cool way to generate images on your mac | replicate.com


pondering the idea of using astro as a “static” site generator | astro.build

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