Notes 32

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How to use Tailwind CSS in your Go programs

use tailwind css with go |

Building a minimal Linux with BusyBox

a nice tutorial on how to build a minimal linux system |

Local React Native modules

support for local libraries |

Building an offline-first React Native app with Expo, WatermelonDB, and Supabase

offline first is always desirable |

Yes, you can measure software developer productivity & McKinsey Developer Productivity Review

software developer productivity by a leading consulting firm

a rebuttal on the subject, endorsed by the likes of martin fowler |

Rust Vs Go: A Hands-On Comparison

what should you use in 2023 ? |

LLaVA: Large Language and Vision Assistant

amazing project |

Open Interpreter

let language models run code on your computer |

Relative Time Labels

stale relative time labels are annoying |

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