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Pundits Have It Backwards: Search Is A Threat To AI

the reason why tech giants don’t want a decentralized ai | return.life

Big Data is dead

the author, a former big data fan, declares that the big data era is over | motherduck.com

Free Fonts For Interface Designers

i like Hanken Grotesk and Atkinson Hyperlegible | smashingmagazine.com

ChatGPT and Software Architecture

it’s crazy the amount of repetitve and boring tasks this can help you with | betterprogramming.pub

“You Will Own Your Own AI and It Will Only Answer to You”

you can run your chatgpt bot locally | metanews.com

Hello Dolly: Democratizing the magic of ChatGPT with open models

build your own chatgpt | databricks.com

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2023-03-25 12:51

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