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Building data-centric apps with a reactive relational database

this is an interesting approach for building apps | riffle.systems

OpenBB terminal

a free and open source alternative to bloomberg terminal 😮 | openbb.co

Frozen in Time: “Ancient Zombie” Virus Revived and Still Infectious After 50,000 Years

a “the last of us” scenario is closer than we think 😀 | curiosmos.com


Brian is a futurist, listen to what he says (and follow him on twitter) | twitter.com/BrianRoemmele

ZFS is Here! Unraid 6.12.0-rc1 Now Available

this looks like a big upgrade in Unraid | unraid.net

Modern Font Stacks

the fastest fonts available … just instant renders | modernfontstacks.com

16 little UI design rules that make a big impact

i really like good designs and the science behind it, this is a nice read | uxplanet.org

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