Notes #13

the grass and the moon © Juan B. Rodriguez

The Best Mac Gaming Experience Is a PC Sitting in a Dallas Data Center

guess what, GeForce NOW Ultimate is already a thing, so we (mac users) may not need a dedicated pc for gaming 😮 |

13 secret websites powered by AI

websites that keep pushing the reach of ai |

Mammoth is a new free Mastodon client for iOS and macOS

giving it a try |

Signals have been present in QT for a long time

signals made more sense when reading this comment |

React Is Holding Me Hostage

when you enable eslint and error lens on a react codebase, red will fly on your screen, to solve it you’ll need to resort to rewriting your dependency array, almost endlessly implement useCallback and useMemo, so i agree with the statement that react ergonomics with hooks are not that good |

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