Moving to Github pages

github pages

it all started when i started considering the deployment of the vert.x app i’m working on.

i will deploy to OpenShift, but i will also open source the code through Github.

so, when i was analyzing how to transfer the code over, i came across Github Pages.

i already had two sites:

the rackspace site held a wordpress blog and some software products i’ve developed over the years.

i started the tumblr site when i dove into mac osx and there i chronicled some other infrastructure endeavours.

when i started digging into the whole github pages, i found out about custom domains and read a lot of articles about people switching from any blog framework to github pages.

in my case, it makes a lot of sense as well:

  • streamlined content creation and publishing (all i need is a text editor and git)
  • no more messing around with wordpress
  • no more maintenance of the hosted box (no more watching out for ubuntu updates)
  • no more hosting fees !!

the hosting fees aren’t really that much (about $12 per month), but in the end all savings add up.

for the record, my custom domain transitions was done following instructions on setting up a custom domain with pages

on my dns registrar (Namecheap), it went down like this

Change A and CNAME records

my mail hosting is done via google, so i used namecheap’s option to “Automatically set MX records necessary for Google Apps Email

dns propagation already happened for me (i did this about an hour ago), so it should be a smooth transtion all things considered.

Update (Nov 19, 2014)

I’m attaching the updated DNS settings I had to use after Github made some changes to their network routing

New A and CNAME records settings

New MX record settings

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