baby steps

baby steps

above is a screenshot of my current setup :)

it’s an awesome experience so far.

i have pretty much moved my daily operation to this machine. added two drives, one for music, the other as a staging area between my downloading machine and my unraid server (since i do some manipulation on the files i get).

these are the apps i generally use


chrome is very lightweight here, and i haven’t seen it crash yet. opera is pretty good as well, firefox consumes a lot of memory and safari, i didn’t quite try


i’m evaluating different music players


i’ve pretty much settled on MPlayer OSX Extended for movies


had to install xnview, didn’t quite find the same functionality in other apps.

The Good

  • having unix underpinnings is just huge. i’m a developer so it’s so great to be able to do unix stuff at the terminal iTerm 2
  • installing applications either from the mac app store or downloaded from the internet is so cool and simple
  • the general awesomeness of it all.

The Bad

  • im using a pc keyboard, so i’m still getting used to the shortcuts
  • i haven’t found a replacement for 7zip. keka is just not there for me.

The Ugly

FINDER … i find it cumbersome to use … to perform simple operations i need a ton of windows open and then use some keyboard shortcuts … i’ve installed muCommander, magican file, path finder, total finder … but not decided yet what to use … then there are like a ton of views in finder .. and none seems really useful to me 8)

but overall, i’m impressed and love my hackmac !

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