Notes 202423

preying on the catch © Juan B. Rodriguez

Visual design rules you can safely follow every time design Some nice design tips you can apply to your projects.

React Native Security Guide | Oscar Franco

Let’s address this upfront: there is no real way to protect data once it is on the device

The Forensics Of React Server Components (RSCs)

… examines how we got here with a deep look at the impact that RSCs have on the page load timeline

Your API Shouldn’t Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

… the common practice of redirecting API calls from HTTP to HTTPS should be reconsidered. While the post mostly refers to REST APIs …

Sneaky React Memory Leaks II

Closures Vs. React Query

Resurfacing the past

More than 20,000 ships sank during World War II. One man is on a mission to map them all


Powerful menu bar manager for macOS

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