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low tide approach © Juan B. Rodriguez

50 Years Later, This Apollo-Era Antenna Still Talks to Voyager 2 - IEEE Spectrum

DSS-43 is the only antenna that can communicate with the probe

Options for accessing Llama 3 from the terminal using LLM

Llama 3 was released on Thursday. Early indications are that it’s now the best available openly licensed model


An app that blurs faces in realtime using VisionCamera, Skia and MLKit


LLM plugin providing access to local Ollama models using HTTP API

JSON Crack | More Than a JSON Editor

Visualize, analyze, and manipulate data with ease, a versatile and powerful tool for data representation and exploration.

ISO 7000 / IEC 60417 Graphical symbols for use on equipment

This collection includes both ISO and IEC graphical symbols that can be placed on equipment to indicate how to use it correctly and safely

Local RAG agent with LLaMA3

We’ll combine ideas from paper RAG papers into a RAG agent:


Fallout for modern operating systems

Zed Decoded: Rope & SumTree

One of the most important things a text editor has to do is to represent text in memory

LogLog Games

thoughts about leaving rust for game development

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