Notes 202413

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Where and When to See the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

this one is just around the corner, be prepared !

mnutt/rotary - “… Adventures with rotary phones and asterisk …” header

Llama Hub - “… Mix and match our Data Loaders and Agent Tools to build custom RAG apps or use our LlamaPacks as a starting point for your retrieval use cases. …”

Navidrome - “… Your Personal Streaming Service …”

Inclusive Sans — Olivia King - “… Inclusive Sans is a text font designed for accessibility and readability …”

Robin’s blog – Friends don’t let friends export to CSV - “… One of the least enjoyable experiences from that time was to deal with big CSV exports …“

oldmoe/litestack - “… Litestack is a Ruby gem that provides both Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications an all-in-one solution for web application data infrastructure …”

Dioxus | An elegant GUI library for Rust - “… ### Dioxus is a Rust library for building apps that run on desktop, web, mobile, and more. …”

Moving to local-first state management with GraphQL · Plain - ”… one feature that may have gone unnoticed was a fundamental shift in how we do state management on the front-end …“

developersdigest/llm-answer-engine - “… Build a Perplexity-Inspired Answer Engine Using Next.js, Groq, Mixtral, Langchain, OpenAI, Brave & Serper …“

martiliones/icon-set-creator - “… CLI for creating React Native app icons …“

myshell-ai/OpenVoice - “… Instant voice cloning by MyShell …“

this is downright scary 😱

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