Notes 202412

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There is one type of physical media that still is objectively better - “… The issue I have with streaming movies is the quality of the stream. Even at 4K, the quality of the stream is no way near the quality one would enjoy when consumed via a bluray. For example, a 4K stream from Netflix maxes out at 16 Mbps. The bitrate of 4K bluray ranges from 72Mbps to 144Mbps …“

this is the reason that not all 4k (or whatever other resolution) content is the same

A Few Words on Testing - “… Too many flaky tests. Too much time spent getting the tests to pass after making a tiny change that I knew was correct but the tests didn’t. Too many integration tests that made people wait 20, 30, 40 minutes until they could merge their change …”

Continue - “… The easiest way to code with any LLM. An open-source autopilot in your IDE …”

Make tmux Pretty and Usable - A Guide to Customizing your tmux.conf · Ham Vocke - ”… a quick and easy introduction to tmux and explained how to use tmux with a basic configuration …”

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