Notes 202411

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ScreenTimeLapse - “… Take color-accurate timelapses of your screens and cameras on MacOS …”

The 12 most creative ads you’ll ever see

Astro DB - “… Astro DB is a fully-managed SQL database that is fast, lightweight, and ridiculously easy-to-use. …”

Introducing Devin, the first AI software engineer

this is advanced stuff, close to game changing, in a year or two, these models will be so much more powerful

Marker - “… Marker is an open-source, user-friendly UI for writing & editing markdown files. Everything you create lives in your filesystem. …”

Banish OEM self-signed certs forever and roll your own private LetsEncrypt | Ars Technica - “… Toss certbot or onto some servers and baby, you got a stew going! …”

What Makes an Album the Greatest of All Time?

awesome graphics to present changes in musical taste over the years

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