Notes 202406

collision course © Juan B. Rodriguez

golte - “… Render Svelte components in your Go http handlers. …”

File over app - “… File over app is an appeal to tool makers: accept that all software is ephemeral, and give people ownership over their data …”

Using Font Variant Numeric - “… The font-variant-numeric CSS property allows us to control alternate glyphs for numbers, fractions, and ordinal markers …” fontnumeric

ollama-webui - “… ChatGPT-Style Web UI Client for Ollama 🦙 …”

Multimodal Ollama Cookbook - “… This cookbook shows how you can build different multimodal RAG use cases with LLaVa on Ollama. …”

Expensify/App - ”… a complete re-imagination of financial collaboration, centered around chat. Help us build the next generation of Expensify by sharing feedback and contributing to the code …“

tokamak - “… Server-side framework for Zig, relying heavily on dependency injection. …”

Simple Precision Time Protocol at Meta - “… While deploying Precision Time Protocol (PTP) at Meta, we’ve developed a simplified version of the protocol (Simple Precision Time Protocol – SPTP) …”

Fast Car - “… How an Unscheduled, Last Minute Performance of “Fast Car” Shot Tracy Chapman to Stardom in 1988 …”

How I write HTTP services in Go after 13 years | Grafana Labs “… That original post went a little viral and sparked some great discussions that have influenced how I do things today. …”

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