Notes 202405

water arc © Juan B. Rodriguez

Inside .git - “… It’s a ~15 word explanation of each part of your .git directory …” git

Ubicloud - “… Ubicloud is a cloud platform that provides a 10x cheaper alternative to GitHub Actions. …” ubicloud

Portable EPUBs - “… This post explores what prevents HTML documents from being portable, and I propose a way forward based on the EPUB format. …”

Talon - “… Talon is a tool for hands-free computing. It enables you to control your computer with your voice. …”

Cursorless - “… Cursorless is a voice coding tool that lets you write code at the speed of thought. …“

marker - “… Convert PDF to markdown quickly with high accuracy …”

Watch Our Planet - ”… a Groundbreaking Nature Documentary Series Narrated by David Attenborough …” watch-planet

unstructured - “… : Open source libraries and APIs to build custom preprocessing pipelines for labeling, training, or production machine learning pipelines. …”

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