Notes 202404

the eternal fire © Juan B. Rodriguez

58 rules for beautiful UI design - “… The right UI can elevate an application from functional to unforgettable, making the difference between a user who engages once and one who returns time and again. …” beautiful

What PWA Can Do Today - “… A showcase of what is possible with Progressive Web Apps today. …” pwa

Paisa - built with Svelte and Go, using ledger, a doubl-entry accounting system, looks interesting paisa

From slow to SIMD: A Go optimization story - “… So, there’s this function. It’s called a lot. More importantly, all those calls are on the critical path of a key user interaction. Let’s talk about making it fast. …” simd

mlx-rag: - “… A simple and fast way to create a responsive dashboard with React and Material-UI. …“

viro - “… : ViroReact: The AR and VR library for React Native …” viro

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