Notes 202403

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Loading Dynamic Libraries on Mac

”… I was recently learning how Mac and Linux machines load dynamic libraries, so I thought I’d write a quick post about it. …”

Stellarium “… Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. …” stellarium

9 years of Apple text editor solo dev it’s awesome to see such attention to details, resulting in a beautiful user interface - “… I’ve built a tiny iOS app once. That was about the extent of my proximity to the world of Apple dev at the time …” paper

Building a fully local LLM voice assistant to control my smart home

”… I’ve had my days with Siri and Google Assistant. While they have the ability to control your devices, they cannot be customized and inherently rely on cloud services. …”

Fish: Start ssh-agent on session opening on MacOS

”… One of the thing I missed however was a proper setup of my ssh agent on session opening. …“

maybe “… This is the original React app of the previously-defunct personal finance app, Maybe. This original version used many external services (Plaid, Finicity, Auth0, etc) and getting it to fully function will be a decent amount of work …” maybe

LibreChat “… LibreChat brings together the future of assistant AIs with the revolutionary technology of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. …” librechat

Flowblade “… Flowblade is a multitrack non-linear video editor for Linux released under GPL 3 license. Flowblade is designed to provide a fast, precise and as-simple-as-possible editing experience. …” flowblade “… is a website that plays the sounds of forests from around the world. …” treefm

srikanth235/privy: Your private coding assistant

”… A privacy-first coding assistant. …”

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