Notes 202402

le pendule de Foucault © Juan B. Rodriguez

Hex Fiend

”… A fast and clever open source hex editor for macOS. …“


”… LLM applications running on Apple Silicon in real-time thanks to Apple MLX framework …”

Project Reality

”… Project Reality is a teamwork-oriented realistic tactical FPS that started off as mod for Battlefield 2. It is completely standalone and free to download and play. The following is intended to serve as a quick guide to get started. …”


”… A DALL·E playground for the Mac. …“

  • you just need an open ai key to use it, no subscription required.


”… Build a custom workspace with modular apps. Try the superapp made for professionals. Unlimited free trial. …”

How to get Cloudflare to cache HTML

”… To my surprise, if you setup a Cloudflare caching proxy in front of a website it won’t cache HTML pages by default, even if they are served with cache-control: headers …”


”… The era of palatial theaters providing the primary source of entertainment in American cities is over (as movie houses or for stage productions), yet a few of the most spectacular theaters remain abandoned …”

A simple guide to local LLM fine-tuning on a Mac with MLX

”… Hello there! Are you looking to fine-tune a large language model (LLM) on your Apple silicon Mac? If so, you’re in the right place. …”

Budgeting with ChatGPT

”… Coming up with a budget is hard. Tracking how well you’re sticking to that budget is even harder. In this blog post I’ll show you how I use the ChatGPT API to …“

psst: Paper-based Secret Sharing Technique

”… psst is a system for storing secrets without a single point of failure. psst helps the user to split a secret into up to four parts. Each part …”

Liberal Visions and Boring Machines

”… More than a century before the Eurostar and LeShuttle, a group of engineers and statesmen dreamed (and fretted) about connecting Britain to France with an underwater tunnel …”

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