I’m a software engineer, currently @g2i, ex @zubale, ex @itcrowd, ex @citi.

My main interests are software development, technology, movies and music.

I like to play padel.

I’m the owner of a boutique software development company apertoire, whose flagship product is ControlR, an app to manage Unraid servers.


  • ControlR Android / iOS app to manage Unraid servers
  • unbalanced An Unraid plugin to transfer files/folders between disks in your array.
  • rn-netops A React Native library for common network operations
  • reactorx A simple, small and pragmatic Flux implementation
  • mlog A simple logging module for go

Open Source Contributions

Favorite Content

I’ll list here the content i’ve most enjoyed in my life, so far.


Cien años de soledad

Cien años de soledad, Gabriel García Márquez, 1967
El libro narra la historia de la familia Buendía a lo largo de siete generaciones en el pueblo ficticio de Macondo. José Arcadio Buendía y Úrsula Iguarán son un matrimonio …

Il pendolo di Foucault

Il pendolo di Foucault, Umberto Eco, 1988
Tra gli anni settanta e la fine del secolo scorso, un gruppo di giovani intellettuali si trova coinvolto in una strana indagine sul mistero dell’ordine dei Templari, …

The Black Swan

The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, 2007
aleb refers to the book variously as an essay or a narrative with one single idea: “our blindness with respect to randomness, particularly large deviations.

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien, 1954
The future of civilization rests in the fate of the One Ring, which has been lost for centuries. Powerful forces are unrelenting in their search for it. But fate has placed it in the hands …

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach, 1970
The book tells the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a seagull who is bored with daily squabbles over food. Seized by a passion for flight, he pushes himself, learning everything he can about …

La borra del café

La borra del café, Mario Benedetti, 1992
Claudio desarrolla su infancia en el barrio de Capurro, donde adquiere sus amistades más destacadas. Allí también vive experiencias inolvidables. Entre ellas la muerte de …

La ciudad y los perros

La ciudad y los perros, Mario Vargas Llosa, 1963
La obra está ambientada en el Colegio Militar Leoncio Prado, donde adolescentes y jóvenes internos reciben formación escolar secundaria bajo una severa disciplina militar. …


The Godfather

The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola, 1972
Focuses on the powerful Italian-American crime family of Don Vito Corleone. When the don’s youngest son, Michael, reluctantly joins the Mafia, he becomes involved in the inevitable cycle of …

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption, Frank Darabont, 1994
Andy Dufresne is sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison for the murders of his wife and her lover and is sentenced to a tough prison …

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino, 1994
Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are hitmen with a penchant for philosophical discussions. In this ultra-hip, multi-strand crime movie, their storyline is interwoven with those of their …

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Giuseppe Tornatore, 1988
Salvatore Di Vita, da quando ha lasciato il paesino di cui è originario non vi ha mai più voluto rimettere piede e da trent’anni vive a Roma, dove nel frattempo è diventato un affermato …

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Sergio Leone, 1966
In the Southwest during the Civil War, a mysterious stranger, Blondie, and a Mexican outlaw, Tuco, form an uneasy partnership - Blondie turns in the …

Cidade de Deus

Cidade de Deus, Fernando Meirelles, 2002
In the opening scene, chickens are prepared for lunch when one escapes and is chased by an armed group through the streets of the favela Cidade de Deus …

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, 1968
The film, which follows a voyage to Jupiter with the sentient computer HAL after the discovery of a mysterious black monolith affecting human evolution, deals with themes of existentialism …


Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, David Benioff, D. B. Weiss, 2011
Several noble houses fight a civil war over who should be king, while an exiled princess tries to find her place in the world, and the kingdom is threatened by some rising supernatural threat …

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, 2008
To make sure his family is financially secure, he teams up with a former student Jesse Pinkman and turns to a life of crime to make and distribute the purest crystal meth on the streets …


Lost, Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, 2004
After a somewhat mysterious sequence of events, an oceanic flight from Sydney to LA crashes on what appears to be a deserted island. The chance of being found and rescued is …

The Sopranos

The Sopranos, David Chase, 1999
Tony Soprano is a New Jersey mobster with a complicated life. He’s recently passed out as a result of an anxiety attack and begins to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi …


Billions, Brian Koppelman, David Levien, Andrew Ross Sorkin, 2016
U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades goes after hedge fund king, Bobby “Axe” Axelrod in a battle between two powerful New York figures …


Narcos, Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro, 2015
Season one chronicles the life of Pablo Escobar from the late 1970s, when he first began manufacturing cocaine, to July 1992. The show relates the main events that happened in Colombia …


Shameless, John Wells, 2011
The series depicts the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, a single father of six children. While he spends his days drunk or in search of misadventures, his kids learn …


The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd, 1973
By condensing the sonic explorations of Meddle to actual songs and adding a lush, immaculate production to their trippiest instrumental sections, Pink Floyd inadvertently designed their commercial …

Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky, The Alan Parsons Project, 1982
Eye in the Sky provided the Alan Parsons Project with their first Top Ten hit since 1977’s I Robot, and it’s hard not to feel that crossover success was one of the driving forces behind this album …


Metallica, Metallica, 1991
After the muddled production and ultracomplicated song structures of …And Justice for All, Metallica decided that they had taken the progressive elements of their music as far as they could …

What's Going On

What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye, 1971
What’s Going On is not only Marvin Gaye’s masterpiece, it’s the most important and passionate record to come out of soul music, delivered by one of its finest voices …


Siembra, Rubén Blades, Willie Colón, 1978
Siembra es el segundo álbum realizado en conjunto por Willie Colón y Rubén Blades que fue lanzado en 1978. Es considerado un clásico de la música salsa, el más vendido del sello Fania Records …

The Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree, U2, 1987
Using the textured sonics of The Unforgettable Fire as a basis, U2 expanded those innovations by scaling back the songs to a personal setting and adding a grittier attack for its follow-up …


Nevermind, Nirvana, 1991
Nevermind was never meant to change the world, but you can never predict when the Zeitgeist will hit, and Nirvana’s second album turned out to be the place where alternative …


Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin, 1974
Building from a simple fingerpicked acoustic guitar to a storming torrent of guitar riffs and solos, it encapsulates the entire album in one song …

Is There Anybody Out There?

Is There Anybody Out There?, Pink Floyd, 1979
The first half of the piece has the same concept of “Hey You”, being a distress call from Pink. Musically, it’s a droning bass synthesizer with various sound effects …

Hotel California

Hotel California, Eagles, 1977
The song is considered the most famous recording by the band, and its long guitar coda has been voted the best guitar solo of all time by readers of Guitarist in 1998 …

Pedro Navaja

Pedro Navaja, Rubén Blades, Willie Colón, 1978
La letra de la canción esboza una descripción de Pedro Barrios que deambula en las calles de Bowery Side (bajo Manhattan) que un día se encuentra con Josefina Wilson …

High and Dry

High and Dry, Radiohead, 1995
“High and Dry” is a song by the English alternative rock band Radiohead, released as the first single from their second studio album The Bends (1995). It was released as a double …

Time Stand Still

Time Stand Still, Rush, 1987
“Time Stand Still” is a single by the progressive band Rush that was featured on their 1987 album Hold Your Fire A music video for the song was directed by Zbigniew Rybczyński …

Cuando pase el temblor

Cuando pase el temblor, Soda Stereo, 1985
El tema fue lanzado en el álbum Nada personal, en 1985, como tercera pista. Ha sido considerada la 68 entre las 100 mejores canciones de rock argentino, en el ranking …